Historical encyclopedia of Illinois (Volume 2)

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Historical encyclopedia of Illinois (Volume 2)

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois (Volume 2)

Källa : Internet Archive

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois (Volume 2)

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois (Volume 2)

Källa : Internet Archive

Resultat : ANDERSON

Sida 29

Senator, 1898-1900- Lawrence Sherman, James A. Anderson and George M. Black.

Sida 57

Daniel Bowen, Perry Keys and James Anderson. Cyrus Walker, who prosecuted the case, regretted, to the last, the part he

Sida 145

Anderson Cannon, Henry Perry.

Sida 146

Bristow, Daniel Duncan, Sylvester Ruddle, Preston Anderson, James Peak, Lewis Past, Lorenzo Twichell, S. Stewart.

Sida 147

Thomas Mc Elraith, James Anderson, Logan Kyle, J. C. Roberts, James B. Kyle.

Sida 155

refused by the gallant Major Robert Anderson. Fire was at once opened on the helpless defenders by the Confederate forces,

Sida 164

Privates-Anderson. John E., Blackford. Isaac.

Sida 167

Privates-Anderson. Elijah E., Hanks. George.

Sida 195

Joseph Durr. R. L. Cochrane. James Anderson, William E, Withrow, L. Clisby, S. F. Lance, John Penrose: Clerk and Attorney,

Sida 195

fill vacancy), Assessor and Collector. John L. Anderson, Supervisor, G. W. Smith, Weigher, Thomas Gilmore.

Sida 214

Mrs. Patsey Naylor, Thomas Pickett, Elizabeth M. Anderson, Miss Ruth Wilson, Miss Jane Campbell, and Miss Mahala Camp, afterward Mrs.

Sida 241

Reub Welker. 1. N. Pearson, James Anderson and others whose names are forgotten. Newt Pearson heat the bass drum, and

Sida 269

Rezin Naylor, James Chandler, Jr., John Anderson, Thomas J. Smith, .Alexander Simpson and O. M. Hoagland. The first meeting was

Sida 311

He is the son of Berry and Eliza (Marlow) Anderson, natives of Illinois, where the former was born in Kaskaskia

Sida 311

ANDERSON, Richard Berry, who resides at No. 901 West Carroll Street, Macomb, was born in Perry

Sida 311

organized at the home of Berry Anderson.

Sida 312

1879, Mr. Anderson was married to Henrietta Bowman, who was born in Tennessee, where in girlhood

Sida 312

and Mrs. Anderson have one child, Elma Veva, who is a graduate of the high school

Sida 357

bought the property from a Mr. Anderson. The family came from Brookfield. Orange County, Vt., by wagon and team, sixty-four

Sida 396

15, 1848, a son of Christopher and Hannah (Anderson) Davidson, both natives of Sweden. His paternal grandfather, David Davidson, and

Sida 657

Mr. Solomon was married to Nancy Anderson, who was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, January 26, 1839. Five children resulted

Sida 659

Mr. Sperry was married to Mary E. Anderson, who was born in Mound Township. The children resulting from this union

Sida 683

27, 1849, a son of William and Catherine (Anderson) Thomas, natives of Virginia, where the father was born in 1807,

Sida 684

His maternal grandfather was James Anderson, a Virginian. At the age of ten years Samuel Thomas began work at