History of the Swedes of Illinois

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History of the Swedes of Illinois

History of the Swedes of Illinois

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History of the Swedes of Illinois

History of the Swedes of Illinois

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Sida 196

Hassel, the company consisted of Peter Andersson, his brother-in-law, one John Danielson, a Mr. Berg, and an old sailor by

Sida 227

of the combined parties were Anders Andersson from Thorstuna and a blacksmith by the name of Hammarback. All who were

Sida 275

son and two daughters, Erik Peter Andersson from Kisa, Ostergotland, with wife, two sons and three daughters, Samuel Samuelsson, also

Sida 276

county, died in 1887. Erik Peter Andersson passed away in 1854 and his wife in the latter seventies. Samuel Samuelsson

Sida 277

who remained in Andover were, Jonas Andersson, with wife and three children, Matts Ersson and Olof Nordin with families, all

Sida 278

The first Swedish merchants were Jonas Andersson and Georg (e) E. Petersson, who in 1854, under the firm name of

Sida 287

after a few years, Carl Petter Andersson, who purchased land on the bluffs where he was still engaged in farming

Sida 287

between Rock Island and Davenport, Abraham Andersson from Gnarp, Helsingland, a hired man who bought a small property in Moline

Sida 289

with him for some time Per Andersson from Hassela and Per Berg from Hog, Helsingland.

Sida 299

Lars Andersson fran Gingrid and Johan A. Westman from Borstig, both located in Vestergotland, Pehr

Sida 299

both located in Vestergotland, Pehr Christian Andersson, also from Vestergotland, locality unknown, Johan Gabriel Stahl with wife, son and daughter

Sida 299

daughter from Smaland, place unknown, Johan Andersson and Henrik Norman from Stockholm. Of these Skold was still living in 1880,

Sida 299

Swedish pioneer of Princeton was Jonas Andersson from Farila, Helsingland. He emigrated in 1849, remained a short time in Chicago,

Sida 314

The Jonas Andersson from Farila, Helsingland, who is mentioned among the Princeton pioneers, was one of

Sida 314

country given in letters from Anders Andersson, a blacksmith and wagonmaker from Timmelhed, who had emigrated in 1847. Some years

Sida 317

among whom were two shoemakers, Adolf Andersson and one Bostrom. The latter left in 1850, Andersson remaining until 1853. Simultaneous

Sida 323

sold the flour mill to Olof Andersson, shortly afterwards rejoining his brother in Iowa. One Anders Johnson for a time

Sida 328

shortly before. Among these were Abraham Andersson with his family and a young man named Clark, possibly the same person

Sida 330

all of whom removed elsewhere, Adolf Andersson, who lost his life in the war, Peter Hakansson, shoemaker, died in 1880,

Sida 331

from which she soon rallied. Johannes Andersson, the aforesaid shoemaker, one morning visited a woman engaged in doing the family

Sida 334

SETTLEMENTS Kans., Carl Samuelsson and Sven Andersson, both subsequently removed to Elgin, Ericksson and C. P. Gronberg, removed to Watertown,

Sida 342

SETTLEMENTS A. P. Andersson came August Andersson, from Halland, who removed to De Kalb after a short stay. A little

Sida 346

sailor by the name of Carl Andersson and one Anders Olsson, both from Helsingland, settled in the vicinity of Paxton.

Sida 346

were, Carl Larsson, Erik Carlsson, John Andersson and A. M. Hansson, who all bought farms and located there permanently. In

Sida 350

Daniel and Sven Gustafsson and Anna Andersson, a widow whose husband had lost his life while serving in the Civil

Sida 387

land, was there married to Johanna Andersson, returned to America in September and arrived in Chicago.in November of the same

Sida 416

Bjorkman, A. S. Sheldon and John Andersson.

Sida 430

Rev. Esbjorn and his wife, Jan Andersson, Mats Ersson, O. Nordin, Sam. Jansson, And. Pet. Larsson, Mrs. Jansson, Christina at

Sida 458

in 1854 by a bachelor, Abraham Andersson from Gnarp, Helsingland, on condition that it be used as the home of

Sida 463

son of a merchant named Christian Andersson and his wife Johanna, nee Malmquist. After his father's death in 1828, his

Sida 493

his parents, Peter Emanuel and Eva Andersson, were poor cottagers. In his childhood he suffered great hardships owing to extreme

Sida 921

Andersson, Anders, 314.

Sida 921

Andersson, Jonas, 277.

Sida 1 060

25, 1849. His parents were Anders Andersson and Christina Sjoqvist, farmer folk, who later removed to Wretaberg, in Grodinge parish,

Sida 1 061

Carlson and his wife, Eva Charlotta Andersson, born in Chicago April 11, 1856. She died Nov. 27, 1880, in Stockholm,

Sida 1 429

1889 and his mother, Anna Christina Andersson, in 1904, both in Sweden.