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DesBouillon - in France

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I just started researching the DesBouillon surname in France -

Would be interested in others who are researching this name.

Area of focus -

Chateau Gontier MAyenne 53
south of Laval
Chateau Gontier

Thank you.
MAK Kuehl -

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I am interested but my lineage is Marie De Bouillon X Davix Moreau who have a daughter baptised in Sedan (Ardennes) in ca. 1668. Sara Moreau was a Huguenot and escaped to The Netherlands , Utrecht , where she married another Hugenot , Pierre Luca, bapt. Queville near Rouen.  They are responsible for the Dutch branch of the LUCA family !

Sedan is a city near the village of Bouillon.

Thanks and regards,

Gerard Lemmens

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