How can I add family members to my online tree?

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I sent the following ticket:
" Subject : Add a person, modify a family.
Date : 2006-11-12
Comments : There is no link labelled "update" as referred to in the FAQ.

I can find no way to add any more individuals to my online family tree

Subject : RE: Add a person, modify a family.
Date : 2006-11-21
Comments : Hello

In order to add any individual to your family tree, you have to connect as a "wizard" when in your Tree. This is the orange icon on the top right representing a wizard hat. ID and password are the same as the one used to suscribe to GeneaNet... except if you changed them. Than "update" will appear at the bottom of the page.
Don't hesitate to use our forums to ask your questions.

GeneaNet - Assistance"

As you can see, Frederic's reply repeats the instructions from the site that don't work for me. When I open my tree as a wizard, i am offered a search form. No update message appears.
I there is a way to send a screen capture to this forum I will be glad to dos so.

Thank you.


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