Porritt Family

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Porritt Family

Inlägg 27 augusti 2019, 00:13

I came across a certain Porritt-family, late 18th , throughout 19th .
Inside the front- and backcover of this Bible, there are numerous inscriptions of birth and death of/and relating to a Porritt-family.

With the direct descendants of this very Porritt-family, I’d love to come in contact with.
That being said, one rightful family-representative will perfectly do.

Please be so kind to provide additional matching information which can prove the inscriptions in the said Bible.
(in order to ascertain I’m speaking to the right kind of man/woman of Porritt)

In order to exclude false-positives, I mention three (3) of these inscriptions.
1. “John Porritt died January 14th 1857 aged 57 years all but 9 days”
2. “Jonathan boorn* Friday 28 febr 1806 \
Half past 2 noon [tab] Died 12 febr 1807”
*) according to inscription
3. A ‘Mary’ is mentioned at 74 years of age.
4. Bonus: “who was the ‘nanny’ ”?

Nonetheless, I thank everyone who provides any relevant information to finding this very Porritt. (Bear in mind, this Porritt will thank you as well)


R.P.H. Stoutenbeek

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