Porter - Sanderson - Rice - Gates in Seattle, family query from 1920's cousin letters to Mapp family in England

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Hello, I'm hoping that someone may see this message and make a connection! My 3rd great aunt, Elizabeth Porter born 1850 from Singleton in Lancashire, who married a John Sanderson, and then migrated to Seattle, King, Washington, died there in 1929. Elizabeth and John Sanderson, had 2 daughters, Margaret born 1868 and Isabella in 1871-1948. Isabella married William H.Rice (b.1863). They had 3 children: Lilian E. Rice 1891-1966, Vivian I. Rice 1892-1951 and Kenneth S. Rice 1902-1982. Lilian E. Rice, married William Henry Gates 1891-1969.
My query concerns communications that took place between my mother's family and a relative from Seattle, during the 1920's or 1930's. My late mother, whose maiden name was Marie Mapp, was the daughter of Stephen W. Mapp and Ellen Mapp and they lived in Singleton, Lancashire, England at this time. My mother's family used to receive Post Cards from a relative in Seattle, who may have been Elizabeth Sanderson or possibly one of her daughters, Margaret or Isabella. I'd very much like to join the dots up with someone who may know or have information about this please. The story of Elizabeth and John Sanderson, must itself have been quite a story, having started off in a small country village in Lancashire, gone perhaps to Liverpool docks, landed in the US and probably taken the new North Pacific Railway, all the way across the States to Seattle! There setting up a home etc! That's quite some journey and adventure by any standards in those days and not without its Trans-Atlantic ship crossing risks! So please, if anyone can help me with more information about this, I'd be very grateful to complete the interesting story surrounding this? Thank you.

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