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searching for family

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searching for family

Inlägg 14 februari 2020, 02:55

Hello I am looking for information on someone in my family tree and this is what I have found so far

GAUTIER J.-F. was a colony 2nd grade doctor.

A ministerial dispatch nominated him in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon on January 27th
1896. He arrived in in Saint-Pierre on March, 26th 1896. He was sent to work in
Miquelon on October 3rd, 1896. While in Miquelon he was also conciliation magistrate
and notary (local decree of January 8th, 1897).

He was then sent to Ile-aux-Chiens (now Ile-aux-Marins). In November 29th, 1897 the
census of the population of Ile-aux-Chiens tells us that his full first name is Jean
Félix, he is 27 years old and not married. It is said that he was born in the town
of St-Quentin de Baron (department of Gironde, south-west of France).

He was still working there when he had the authorization to go to France for a 3
months sick leave. He left on December 20th 1898, with the traditional way: steam
boat Pro Patria going to Sydney, then New-York and Le Havre in Normandy.
There is no trace of a marriage under the name of Jean Félix Gautier in Miquelon,
Ile-aux-Chiens or Saint-Pierre.
After his departure for his sick leave in December 1898 there is no mentions of
Jean Félix GAUTIER in the administrative decisions of the local health service. It
seems he did not come back to Saint-Pierre. Most doctors were coming here for a
(more or less) three years period and they had to work one year in each town
(Saint-Pierre, Miquelon and Ile-aux-Chiens) before leaving.
thank you for any help
sincerely Brenda Lawrence Nova Scotia Canada

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I visited the website for the Gironde Departmental Archives (not working too well today). There were two births recorded in St-Quintin de Baron for Gautiers:

1-Luc, born 19 Nov 1864

2-Jean, born 1 Feb 1869

I looked for a marriage record of parents but the site was so slow opening the images, plus only decennial tables are available, so I couldn't find one. I think the Jean born above is probably the person you want. You might want to write directly to the archives or if someone online lives nearby, they can research it for you when the archives reopens after the coronavirus passes.
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