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Lodewijk Vandenberghe and Maria Theresia Crampe

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I believe I may be the great-grandaughter of this union. My grandparents (their daughter) emigrated to Canada, and most of our records are based on verbal accounts. I am trying to confirm the information we have, and expand on it, if possible. We believe there were seven children in this family - Edward Cerille, Gustaof, Medard, Achille Andemore, Pharilda Louise, Prudence Marie and Maria.

I would appreciate any information that could be provided.

Barbara Cramer

Inlägg: 1796
Släktträd: Grafisk
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Hello !

It's all here

Marriage in ZUIENKERKE 06/05/1879

Maria Theresia ° ZUIENKERKE 23/01/1880 + ZUIENKERKE 22-09-1901
Pharailde Mathilde ° ZUIENKERKE 10/04/1881 + ZUIENKERKE 28/04/1882
Stillborn child °ZUIENKERKE 02/07/1882
Edouard Cerille °ZUIENKERKE 14/07/1883
Pharaïlde Louise °ZUIENKERKE 26/10/1884
Gustaf Leopold °ZUIENKERKE 03/03/1886
Medardus Josephus °ZUIENKERKE 11/04/1887
Silvie Marie °ZUIENKERKE 23/07/1888
Leonie Amelie °ZUIENKERKE 15/04/1890 + ZUIENKERKE 30-04-1891
Achil Audomar °ZUIENKERKE 17/06/1891
Leonie Sylvie °ZUIENKERKE in 1893
Louise Marie °ZUIENKERKE 19/03/1894
Prudence Marie °ZUIENKERKE 30/09/1895

The father, Ludovicus VANDENBERGHE, died in 1896 (+ ZUIENKERKE)


Inlägg: 2
Thank you very much for this information. This has completed many details we were lacking.


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