Hannah BRIDON or Hannah TORNEZY born 1869 FRANCE

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Researching my family history and have come to a stop. My great grandmother Hannah come to Australia from either France or New Caledonia and gave birth to my Grandmother in 1906 at Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia at the age of 37. Hannah must have given her daughter my grandmother away at the age of 4 to 6 to be raised by the Collins family. After this I do not know what happened to my great grandmother Hannah, I have searched high and low with no results. On my nans birth certificate Hannah says she was 37 years old and was from Nantes France, she named my grandmother Mary Tornezy. I did find a shipping record of a Miss Bridon arriving in Australia 13th January 1906 from France to Noumea and then onto Australia but cannot be certain this is her. I do not know if she remained in Australia or returned to France. I would appreciate any help in my research. Regards Diane my email address is: dianekj@live.com.au

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