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Learning how to update information from Australia

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I am completely new to this Genealogy but I have found my Family tree on your website.

I now live in Australia and would like to try to speak to someone local so I can add further details of my grand children etc.

Do you have any members from Australia

I also have some additional information for the family tree I have identified on the website - I assume that the only person able to update any such data is the person who set it up in the first place.

The owner is a Gavin Brown ? How do I communicate with him

do you reply via my membership or direct to my email

Brian Beaumont Owles
bowles at

Volunteer moderator
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What you have found is not your family tree, but a tree where your family is mentioned.

Each user is responsible for the information published on his / her tree. If you have additional information to provide, please contact the owner: click Contact at the bottom of any page in his / her tree.

When you post on the forum, other members will reply on the forum: I've edited your email address to protect you from spam.

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