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transcribe/translate German?

Postat: 09 mars 2018, 10:44
av patricia1983

I have the wedding certificate of 2 of my ancestors (the one on the left). But it's in German and not knowing much German makes it difficult to even transcribe, let alone translate it. Could somebody help me with this? It's about the marriage between Nicolas Delcourt and Anne Marguerite Scheftgen in 1859.

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Re: transcribe/translate German?

Postat: 09 mars 2018, 21:13
av kscharrer
unfortunately, I can not read the maiden name of the mothers.
3rd February 1859, 10 am
Peter Kremer, Mayor of Koerich, Canton of Capellen
Bridegroom Nicolas Delcour, stonemason (Steinhauer), 27 years, born in Koerich, 27th December 1831, resident in Koerich
The parents consent to the marriage, father Nicolas D., weaver (Leinweber), 55 years and Françoise née Sukels? 50 years, both resident in Koerich.
The birth record of the groom seen here in the original.

Bride: A.M. Scheftgen, without profession (ohne Stand)?, 32 years, born in Eischen, Hobscheid, Canton of Capellen 10.07.1826
Father Martin Scheftgen, + 22.03.1848,
Mother Marie MaXXXX? +28.08.1858, both resident in Eischen.
The bride declares that the paternal and maternal grandparents are dead. The death locations are unknown. Even the witnesses do not know the place(s) of death.
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Re: transcribe/translate German?

Postat: 09 mars 2018, 22:12
av patricia1983
Vielen dank!! :D

That's a lot of useful information!

Re: transcribe/translate German?

Postat: 19 oktober 2019, 16:25
av jocl59
The name of the brides mother is Marie Marechal.
The name of the bridegrooms Mother I read also as Sukels.