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can you help me to translete italian

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hello !
I'm french and my grand-mother is italian.
So, can you help me to translate an english text to italian in order to ask the photocopy of birth's certificate of my grand-mother.
The text is:
"In order to make the genealogy of my family, can you give me the
photocopy of bith's grand-mother TURUANI Piérina born in 28/10/1914 in Brenta (italia).
Thanks a lot."

Can you give me the address of the town hall of Brenta.


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I'd hope that, by now, you will have found a way to have the death certificate you were looking for back in 2002. If not, or need any help with Italian, I'd be happy to help (I'm not a professional genealogist, simply an ordinary, curious, person).
All the best,

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