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Inlägg 27 november 2018, 13:27

I have been researching the family name of SAURIN for the past 25 years, and have built up an extensive Family Tree and Database over this period. However the Irish family link of SAURIN and it's Irish spelling of SORAGHAN still alludes me. I have many individuals (and families) of SAURIN, SORAGHAN and (the odd) O'SORAGHAN registered in Ireland in the mid 1700's until the present day - but no registered/direct link between the two names. My lineage is very clear from the persecution of the early SAURIN Nobles, and the Eddict of Nantes when the family fled France and settled in Ireland about 1730. However as there are SORAGHANs in Ireland before that, and the O'SORAGHAN name mentioned as early as 1633, it would suggest that another side of the SAURIN family emigrated to Ireland much earlier. I know that the name spread out to the Americas, Canada and Australia in the 1800's, and again I have records of these - but it is the earlier Irish settlers that I am particularly interested in (with so many of the early records lost in the uprising, it is proving quite difficult).

Is anyone researching the SORAGHAN (or O'SORAGHAN) name that have records of individuals/families as early as 1600 up to say 1799?. Grateful for any steer in this direction.
Steve Saurin

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