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Ian Mclean Cameron - My grandfather

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Greetings! I am Anna Marie Cameron, daughter of Robert V. Cameron who was the son of Ian Mclean Cameron who was the husband/common-law husband of my grandmother Mary Villarta Cameron (mother of my father - Robert V. Cameron). I haven't really seen my real grandfather and so I am taking this opportunity to find my real grandfather. I don't really know my father's background so I'm gonna do the best as I can. My family came from Davao in the Philippines. The story was my grandfather was working in this company named Kerr and Company Inc., visited the Philippines and then he met my grandfather. World War II came and so my grandfather had to go back to Scotland (where my mother told my grandpa came from, I think). After WWII, he came back to the Philippines to look for my grandmother who re-married a filipino citizen. She then decided not to see my grandfather because that would make her husband mad. So she kept it from his husband and my father.

I am really looking forward to a reply. I would love to see my grandfather. I hope he’s still alive..

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Hello Anna Marie,

I read your post and wondered if you had tried this web site

Do you know when Ian Mclean Cameron was born (even approximately). Do you know what kind of company Kerr & co. was? Is it possible it was a textile business? I am just trying to find out more pieces to your family puzzle. If you are able to find out what kind of company he was with, maybe we could find the location (which then might point you to a closer place to find your grandpa). good luck in your search.



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