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Windsor, Canada - Looking for William Gignac & Margaret Tourangeau's parents

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I have found a record of the marriage of Guillaume Gignac (DOB 20 May1874) and Margaret Tourangeau (DOB unknown) but have been unable to find their births listed anywhere. 

William Gignac's death certificate states that his parents were Thomas Gignac (DOB 25 Oct 1828) and Virginia Chaput (DOB 2 Oct 1832) but have not been able to find William listed on a census or church record.

I have Margaret Tourangeau's parents listed as John Tourangeau (DOB 15 Mar 1853) and Zoe Agnes Fortier (DOB 19 Jan 1853) - Parents: David Fortier (DOB 24 Aug 1812) & Jane Drew or Droux or Droulliard (DOB Abt 1819.)

These people have been frustrating me since the late 1970's when I started this with my Mom.  Thought I would have better luck getting on Ancestry at the library but the situation has only improved slightly, with the marriage record.

Hope someone can help out.



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In the 1891 census of Essex North (Ontario), Sandwich, West Division 1 (p 5- Family #24) is given the following:

Gignac, Virginie 58y, widow, gardener
Gignac, Alexandrina, 21y, daughter
Gignac, Virginie, 19y, daughter
Gignac, William, 16y, son

You can view the entry at:

Also the 1871 census of Essex ON (Township of Sandwich West) p 1 Family #1 gives:

Gignac, Thomas, 43y, cultivateur/farmer
Gignac, Virginie, 39y, wife
Gignac, Ferdinand, 19y, son
Gignac, Josephine 16y, daughter
Gignac, Joseph, 14y, son
Gignac, Alfred, 12y, son
Gignac, Marie-Louise, 7y, daughter,
Gignac, Alexandrine, 1y, daughter

View the entry at:

and lastly, the 1901 census, Virginie (widow) is living with her son Alfred and his wife, Olive and their family
at Essex North, Sandwich West, p 2 Family 13, viewable at:

Sometimes it helps when searching the census databases to enter in only a couple of letters and a wildcard indication (*) to find these folks.


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