German Soldier, WW1, likely Bavarian, Louis (?) Resch

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I am researching a diary written by a Frenchwoman from the Ardennes during the first world war. In it she mentions some soldiers staying in her home in Braux (now Bogny-sur-Meuse) north of Charleville.

There are 2 sous-officiers staying with her, one is 25 and a surveyor, the other is 23 and a miller.  They are Bavarian and Catholique.  One of the two is named Louis Resch, but the spelling of the name could be off, as my letter-writer didn't speak any German and tended to write these names in letters that made sense to her.  This was in March of 1917.

The commandant of the local Etape was likely a Captain "Von Alten" at this time.

Any help appreciated.  Je parle français assez bien.

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