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Inlägg 26 mars 2019, 13:45

Trying to determine where my husband's family name is from. His family name is TESTON and they are all from the Philippines.
No one is aware of any family members being from any other country than the Philippines. I do know there is a town in England called TESTON but I am not aware of any links. Does anyone here have any links to the Philippines?

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Inlägg 26 mars 2019, 17:08

jimecees2018 skrev:
26 mars 2019, 13:45
Does anyone here have any links to the Philippines?
no, sorry.

I am sure you must have checked that


How Filipinos Got Their Surnames

and don't forget that
The teston became the de facto unit of trade between Spaniards and Filipinos before the founding of Manila in 1574.

[Google is your friend :) ]

and 18,165 results for the Teston name on Geneanet
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