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The family name Oppenhagen

Postat: 18 februari 2020, 19:50
av kherbst
I am Danish, and have ancestors from Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

That being said, I have ancestors by the name Oppenhagen, who lived in Denmark, but who must have originated from somewhere else.
I believe the name Oppenhagen might mean something like "op den hagen", which could be translated to my ancestors originating from Haag in the Netherlands. But this is an assumption, not a fact.

My earliest Oppenhagen, Joost or Jost Oppenhagen was born around 1665 (estimated), and was granted citizenship as a street paver in Fredericia in Denmark in 1685. He supposedly arrived from Westphalen in Germany, but this I have not been able to confirm. The former genealogist in Denmark who provided this info, posted this in 1968:

"Joost Oppenhagen from Becken in Westphalen was [in] 1685 granted citizenship in Fredericia as a street paver. His descendants mainly lived in the vicinity of Fredericia, but also in Ringkøbing and Rudkøbing, and in Copenhagen - here several [were] petty military officers in the second half of the 1800's. Living [in 1968] individuals with this name, [are] probably now all in Copenhagen, [but] one branch is supposed to live in Holland [etc.]"

Does anyone know anything about this?
Does anyone have any Oppenhagen's in their tree?

Re: The family name Oppenhagen

Postat: 11 maj 2020, 23:37
av anaesthetist
"[but] one branch is supposed to live in Holland [etc.]"

Carl Joachim Marius Just Oppenhagen (born 24.08.1866, Copenhagen, son of Carl Christian Just Oppenhagen & Marie Louise Augusta Noll - died 20.12.1916) came to Rotterdam in the late 19th century and married Catharina Mathilda Nielsen on 17.04.1901.

Here's an overview of their family from the population register:*ha*&miview=viewer2

Prior to that the name "Ophagen / Op Hagen" occurs only between 1709-1759 in the towns of Gendringen and Neder-Elten, both of which are on the German border